Khamis, 5 Jun 2008

12 hours post fuel price hike

menarik gak baca post nie..
antara nyer..

12 hours after the fuel price hike comes into effect, based on the responses gathered so far, the sentiment is awful.
I can safely assume that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s reputation has gone down the drain and as a person, he may just go down in Malaysia’s history as the most unpopular Prime Minister.
Personally, I’d say that Pak Lah did the right thing at the wrong time. When fuel price was in the rise since many months ago, as general election was looming that time, hence due to strategic reason and the necessary feel good factor, he wasn’t in the position to increase the price. Fair enough, every single politician will do that.
Eventually, as Pak Lah reiterated to the public after the announcement of the petrol hike, he said it’s imperative to change lifestyles. I reckon that this time around, changing lifestyle is no longer an option. It’s a must, it’s for real without the subsidy system, do-or-die.
Nevertheless, albeit the melancholy in our own back yard, it’s our Singaporean friends who stand to become the biggest beneficiary, instantly.

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