Sabtu, 22 Mac 2008

new love sad story after dis.
for what i'm being so stupid to think bout him??
all questions in my minds had been answered.
his girl rite now, used to be his ofismate.
it's meant dat he's already in love with dat girl,
n make so many excuses to me to break dis r'ship.

and for all, he accused me on such things
dat i can't understand him,
not supportive to his work..
while de truth is, he had other girl.damn!!

stop crying..
stop pretending..
stop thinking of him.

be fair to my heart to be happy.
he's not worth for me..haha!!

let it be in memories..
all his kinds, all his sweets will only remains in memory.

now is da time for me to start new life..
new hope.
happily ever after.

letak pic best gak kan??hehe..
kata memories...

note : dis pic was taken on our 5th year annivessary - 6august07 - a month before we break up. it was de las sweet memories wit u,mR.Syazwan.

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