Khamis, 26 Mac 2009

jawab TAG mS.eLLy - 2

100 truths, tag 10 people to do the same.

Last beverage
→ Island Red Coffee Ice Blended..yummy!!
Last phone call
→ kaSih
Last text message
→ Gud nite ayang..jupe sok! =)

Last song you listened to
→ Dan Sesungguhnya - Yuna

Last time you cried
→ yesterday..big fight with kaSih ='(

Dated someone twice
→ erm...never been twice. just a single date or forever =)

Been cheated
→ yes...almost happened with the one I really used to loved
Kissed someone & regretted it
→ hurm.....let me think....(XOXO)
Lost someone special
→ my beloved father

Fallen out of love
→ erm...aku pon xpaham soklan nie elly!ekeke...
Laughed until you cried
→ ahaha..baru tadik!aku lepak ng ayu,che'Zila&diaNa.ktorg gelak smpai sume org dlm cafe tu pandang..lawak btol!
Met someone who changed your life
→ kaSih.
Found out someone was talking about you
→ don't ex-boSS i think!
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life?
→ sooOOoo many! always know who ur friends are..
How many kids do you want to have
→ seramai yang mampu!anak adlh harta yg xt'nilai
How Do u have any pets
→ slalu adopt kucing yg merayau2 dtg mkn kt umah..then,bg mkn skali aje,tros kucing tu melekat buat cm umah dia sendri! =)
Do you want to change your name
→ i am really proud of my name! UNIQUE
What time did you wake up today
→ 12.30pm (penganggur katakan...hihi!)
What were you doing at midnight last night
→ balik cafe-mandi-solat isya'-update blog-berangan-main game-solat subuh-tido
Name something you cannot wait for
→ new honda Accord + nokia 5800 Xpress music
Last time you saw your father
→ 29 July 1990
What's one thing you wish you could change
my body
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom

Tom Cruise..he called me las nite!ahaha...

What's getting on your nerves right now

new work this April
What's your real name
→ Ilham Haninadia Md Thani
Elementary/Primary School
→ SK (2) Taman Keramat
Middle/Secondary School

SMKA Simpang Lima, SM Teknik Cheras
Hair color
→ Blacky
Long or short
→ secret!!
Are you a health freak
→ sometimes
Righty or lefty
→ cutie righty

First surgery
→ ms kecik2..lompat2 ats katil,jatuh kena bucu katil..b'jahit dahi aku kanan&kiri (kena 2kali yek!!budak yg x serik..)
First piercing
→ kt telinga ms umur 3thn ng nyonya pkai payung merah dtg tiap2 umah tindik budak2
First best friend
→ can't remember (short term memory!)
First sport you joined
→ bola baling
First pet
→ cat...nama dia "oRen"
First vacation
→ Langkawi ms umur darjah 3 kot

→ IRC Tomyam

→ IRC Ice Blended

→ to be RICH! =)

Want kids?
→ for sure la meh...

Want to get married?
→ insyAllah..klo x,cmner nk ada kids??

Careers in mind?
→ Datuk Seri Dr. IR Ilham Haninadia
Md Thani


Kissed a stranger
→ huh..gile ke hape??

Lost glasses/contacts
→ soooOOOoo many times!hihi...

Ran away from home
→ cm xpenah aje!

Broken someone's heart

→ ada kot yg aku xperasan..mintak mahap yek?

Been arrested
→ hehe..pernah kot!smpai ada adegan kejar mengejar dgn polis cm dlm tV tue!ekeke...lawak btol!!

Cried when someone died
→ of course la..kucing mati tepi jln pon aku leh nanges!

→ all the time

→ kuasa ALLAH..sape mampu nk cakap tidak??

Love at first sight
→ yes..with my kaSih

→ my destination.

Santa Claus
→ methodologi yg paling xmasuk akal!

Kiss on the first date
→ never ever do this!

→ Yes =)

Is there one person you want to be with right now?
→ uMMi / kaSih

Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?
→ xpenah kot! (uiks..ada 'kot' kt situ??)

Do you believe in God?
→ yes, I am Muslim & I believe Allah is my God

Tag 10 peoples:
  1. Shieda
  2. maz
  3. mawar
  4. jue
  5. deb
  6. dahlia
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